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The Couch Method

The Couch Method is a comprehensive therapy experience. We believe in providing high quality therapy with our professional and skilled clinicians. We use our brains and think about what could be effective and helpful for clients/ patients. We take BCBS PPO.


highly compassionate and thoughtful humans, skilled in the practice of
psychotherapy, who want you to feel better.

Jenna Jurewicz, MA

The Motivator

Jenna Jurewicz (AKA The Motivator) is driven to provide quality treatment to…

Danielle Dragon, Psy.D

The Boundary Whisperer

Dr. Danielle Dragon (AKA The Boundary Whisperer) is a Licensed…

Chaya Smilowitz, LPC

The Trauma Guru

Chaya Smilowitz  (AKA The Trauma Guru) is a Licensed Professional…

Chana Armstrong, LPC

The Empath

Chana Armstrong (AKA The Empath) works to develop meaningful…

Maggie Vrana, LPC

The Self Worth Warrior

Maggie Vrana (AKA The Self Worth Warrior) is passionate about approaching the therapeutic…

Shoshi Scharman, MA

The Self Seeker

Shoshi Scharman (AKA The Self Seeker) Having lived in Holland, Israel and the…

Amanda Brandimore, LPC

The Advocate

Amanda Brandimore (AKA The Advocate) is energized when clients feel seen…

Alice McCutcheon, Psy.D

The Calm Collaborator

Dr. Alice McCutcheon (AKA The Calm Collaborator)  is a Licensed Clinical…

Lauren Owens

The Intake and Billing Queen

Lauren Owens (AKA The Intake and Billing Queen) utilizes intentionality and empathy, combined…

Erin Harvey, OTD, OTR/L, ASDCS

The Cheerleader

Dr. Erin Harvey (AKA The Cheerleader), and fondly referred to as “Miss Erin”…

Kathy Kim, OTD

The Client Centered Connoisseur

Dr. Kathy Kim (AKA The Client Centered Connoisseur) is a Chicago based…


Dr. Dragon is an extremely skilled psychologist and has a wealth of knowledge that is brought not only to her clinical work but also to her consultations. For work that feels stuck or that is complex, a consultation provides understanding on where to refocus things, bringing new energy to treatment. Her examination of dynamics is done in an incredibly personable and empathic manner and her capacity to deeply understand some of the current blocks produces measurable shifts to the work already being done. I highly recommend her services as a boost to therapy that feels stale or in need of rejuvenation.


Dr. Dragon brings an expertise that fuses research, data, and a psychodynamic background that helps bring insight into client presentations. She is especially skilled at helping with some of the most exacting cases, those where characterological issues pose challenges in therapy. Her insights are always brought in a collegial way, with a supportive and empowering perspective.

Nechama Freedman,

I met Dr. Dragon about 6 months ago and immediately found her to be a unique resource of knowledge, insight, and clinical expertise. Her therapeutic specializations have been very helpful for me as a fellow clinician. Whenever Dr. Dragon and I collaborate on a case, I feel that the clients are in expert and caring hands. I highly recommend Dr. Dragon as a consultant, supervisor, and therapist.

Yakov Danishefsky

I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Dragon for a few years now. She has helped me deal with trauma, loss, and most recently with my pregnancy and postpartum issues all while in the middle of a pandemic. Her knowledge and ability to deliver information in a way that is practical and relatable to day to day life has been invaluable. Dr. Dragon offers the perfect blend of empathy professionalism, and humor. She has been a teacher and coach to me and will forever be grateful for my time with her.

Anonymous Client

Dr. Dragon has a very deep and thorough understanding of the human thought process and the professional experience and expertise to identify the roots of the unhealthy thought patterns and provide the patient with systematic solutions to retrain those thought patterns to live through daily life in a much healthier way. She has an incredible way with words and clearly communicates the functions of thoughts and behaviors with such incredible depth and clarity. I have seen multiple therapists previous to Dr. Dragon and she has an unparalleled skill set. She is dynamic in the support of couples as well as individuals and relates to both men and women with such depth, professionalism, and care that husbands and wives alike respect her guidance and feel the true depth of her clinical understanding. I could not possibly recommend Dr. Dragon more highly. The world needs many more of her to heal and create healthier marriages, healthier parents, and healthier people. Dr. Dragon truly enlightens patients to live life in a better way then they ever knew possible.


The most critical component of recovering from narcissistic abuse is education. With education you will gain profound clarity on the malicious and poisonous tentacles of a narcissistic relationship. With education comes a new perspective which fuels the power to leave without regret. In the process, you will rekindle the pure heart of gold that has always been within you and forge stronger and more meaningful relationships with family and friends that matter most.